1. I sent my mother flowers for her birthday. A day later, I received an email from my parents, with this photograph and the text “Thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers (see appended photograph)”.

    Photo theorists tell me that people don’t trust photographs any longer. Which makes me wonder: Why did my parents take a photograph of the flowers? (Did they?) And why did they send it to me? How can I trust the photographs if the theorists are correct? How do I know that the flowers in the photographs are the ones I had sent to my mother?

    Of course, nobody in their right frame of mind (probably [hopefully!] not even the photo theorists) would pose these questions since they’re nonsensical - just like the claim that people don’t trust photographs. People trust photographs. Occasionally, under certain circumstances, they don’t. But in pretty much 99% of all cases they do. For more on that see my longer piece from yesterday.

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