1. Andy Warhol “Authentication”

    I have a subscription to the New York Review of Books, and I always make time to read each issue. This is not just because I love reading - I read a lot of books, it’s also because the NYRoB uses some of the finest writers. For example, take the most recent article about the Met Francis Bacon show, which is completely different league than pretty much any other article I’ve seen about it.

    Quality aside, the NYRoB also covers issues that you won’t find anywhere else, and it tends to attract enough attention for discussions to happen in the “Letters” section, often over the course of weeks.

    Everybody even remotely interested in art needs to read this article, which discusses an issue that arises frequently in the art world, namely how to assess whether a piece of art is genuine. Turns out the Warhol Foundation has a particular way to deal with it. And “particular” is a nice way to phrase it. Another way would be: “fucked up”. Go, read it, it’ll open your eyes.

    The Warhol Foundation’s response can be found here - along with the original author responding. But for the final smack-down, and I don’t see any other way to phrase this, check out the second round of letters.

    I suppose once you’ve read through the original article and the letters you’ll come away with a lot of conclusions, some about the Warhol Foundation, others about how the art world operates. It’ll be worth the time it’ll take you to read all of this.

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