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    Jan and Hubert (?) van Eyck, detail from “Singing Angels” panel of the Ghent Altarpiece, 1432. 

    Most of the press around the new “Closer to van Eyck” website has spotlighted that a giant JPEG of the Ghent Altarpiece is now available in 100 billion pixels. That’s true, but the site is much more than that: It includes huge JPEGs of the altarpiece made with many different kinds of photography.

    For the story of the brooch pictured above (is that a window reflected in it?), visit Modern Art Notes. It’s a pretty amazing art historical + scientific tale. 

    That post on MAN comes from this week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast, which features art historian and technical documentation specialist Ron Spronk talking about how the new “Closer to van Eyck” website will help art historians to make new discoveries about the Ghent Altarpiece, one of the greatest objects in art — and about Jan van Eyck’s work in general.

    To download or subscribe to The Modern Art Notes Podcast via iTunes, click here (or click on the image above). To download the program directly, click here. To subscribe to The MAN Podcast’s RSS feed, click here. You can stream the program and see images of the art discussed on this week’s show here.

    (via 3rdofmay)

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    this is truly a wonderland, thank you!!
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    Jan van Eyck BLOWS MY MIND. Even years after first being exposed to his work, I can’t get over it.
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