1. shihlun:

    Miriam Elia, We go to the gallery, 2014.


  2. "I think that along with the self-publishing boom, there was another boom, where people got totally crazy about totally gimmicky books, where every book needed a special feature. But I believe that the book mainly needs to support its content. I see a lot of books that don’t make any sense – people think a lot about the book as an object, where they make this fancy thing, and that fancy thing, and obviously it gets more attention but it doesn’t help the story. For me, the classic bad example of this is David Allan Harvey’s book (based on a true story), which for me is just about a North American tourist who goes to Rio de Janeiro. He might be a well-known photographer but he takes photographs only of the clichés and stereotypes that really make life more difficult for a lot of Brazilians. Then he puts the story together as a fancy object, and therefore gets nominated for the Aperture Paris Photo book award. I mean for me as an author – you can do shitty books, it happens to all of us, but then I don’t understand why curators and people in the business get tricked by these cheap manoeuvres, by thinking “oh, this is a fancy object”."
  3. An image by Josh Quigley, one of the winners of the 2013 Conscientious Portfolio Competition.

    The 2014 edition of the Conscientious Portfolio Competition is now accepting submissions. It’s FREE to enter. This year’s guest judges: Arianna Rinaldo and Thomas Weski. Find all relevant details here.


  4. lookingforsnapshots:

    Snapshot collectors are keeping something from themselves. For whatever reason—perhaps because the rumors of the “death of the subject” have crippled us—we find it useful to pretend that all we’re doing is recognizing somebody else’s nice pictures. But in fact choosing snapshots is so…


  5. exulansis


    n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it—whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness—which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.

  6. carlgunhouse:

    What I Am Up To (I will have a new artist book out for The 5th Annual CCNY Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair curated by Jason John Würm and others opening Fri. Sep. 12th, 6-8pm at FOLEY Gallery (97 Allen St.) with the fair running Sat. Sep. 13th to Sun. Sep 14th 12-6PM)

    (via CCNY Conversations Series | The 5th Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair | Friday, Sept 12 – Sunday, Sept 14, 2014 at FOLEY gallery)

  7. greatleapsideways:

    It was really strange to stumble across this black & white version of a recent Gregory Halpern photograph from his ongoing California project. I say strange because the photographs in that project are colour photographs, and somehow this one is not… The situation becomes stranger still when one considers that the photograph, as it was posted, is credited to Gregory Halpern (in the tags to the post), but looks nothing like the version he has published on his own site (see below).

    The blog on which this mystery black & white version was posted seems to consist almost entirely of black & white images, which might suggest a strong preference at the very least. But if this image has been downloaded and converted to b/w, it can hardly be accredited to an artist who had nothing to do with its conversion, can it?

    Something of a mystery…

    Gregory Halpern "California" (in progress)

    Photograph © Gregory Halpern, from “California”.


  8. "Covering wars for a polarized nation has destroyed the civic mission I once found in journalism. Why risk it all to get the facts for people who increasingly seem only to seek out the information they want and brand the stories and facts that don’t conform to their opinions as biased or inaccurate?"
  9. shihlun:


    It May Be That Beauty Has Reinforced Our Resolve - Masao Adachi (Philippe Grandrieux, 2011)

  10. You want to watch this if you’re curious about some of the realities of photobook making/publishing.

  11. Check out what other videos YouTube is offering me as recommendations to possibly watch after “The Future of Self Publishing.” This is what I usually refer to as the wisdom of the web, when the computer algorithms running underneath all that stuff we put online put two and two together.

    After all, everybody can self publish (“You can learn anything”), and it often ends up being an utterly depressing endeavour (“why is my book not selling?”), resulting in a huge loss of money…

  12. paper-journal:

    '…I have felt in the past few years this hype where someone at the top of the cultural pyramid says, ‘This is a great book,’ and then everyone rushes out and gets it, but I don’t know if people even look at it to decide whether or not it’s great for themselves' - Stephen Gill, studio visit for Paper Journal 

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  14. Ute Mahler, Leipzig, 1973 from Zusammenleben; see my piece about the work here


  15. lookingforsnapshots:

    Collectors know another great picture is out there. We aren’t just hoping—the numbers are with us. But the numbers are also against us. Statistical reality means we need bulk, and we need a constant supply of it: bulk today, bulk tomorrow, and bulk the day after that. Snapshot…